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Beverly Allen Jr. (1859 - 1918) West Point

The Beverly Allen Sr. family was the first black property owners in West Point. Beverly Allen, Jr. attended the mission school, later known as Hampton Institute. He returned to West Point where he was instrumental in the education of black students of West Point. He taught West Point students for a total of 37 years.

Poem to Beverly Allen, Jr.

Poem dedicated by Alice L. Reid to the memory of her grandfather, Beverly Allen, Jr.

Charity Boyd Remembers Beverly Allen

Charity Whiting Boyd, one of Beverly Allen's students remembers him as a very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher, well liked by all his students. Mrs. Boyd was the aunt of the late Miles Reid, a civic minded citizen and resident in West Point for many years. Miles was Alice L. Reid's husband.

1953 The Point Yearbook Cover

1944 The Point Yearbook Cover

School Yearbooks

Louise Nuttal Croswell Panak remembers that for a few years the school yearbooks were handmade due to the economy. The students created all the text, the art illustrations and some photos, then they were professionally bound. This photo is of the inside front page of the 1945 yearbook. The yearbook art editor, Antonina Aczkiewicz, drew all the illustrations in this yearbook.

The 1945 West Point High School Yearbook was dedicated to Mr. Homer Humphreys, the high school principal for 21 years, 1944-1964.

1955 The Point Yearbook Cover

Appleton's School Reader - Third Grade

“Miss Kate”

Dot Krewatch remembers fondly Miss Katherine Powell Howerton, known as Miss Kate. She was a West Point teacher and principal for a total of 52 years. She was principal from 1918 to 1939, and then served as assistant principal until the mid-1950’s. This photo is of an oil painting that hangs in the West Point High School library.

School Children

Eighth, ninth and tenth grade classes at the West Point Colored School in 1935. The principal at the time was Mrs. B. C. Flournoy Gravely pictured here in the last row. The teacher was Miss Helen Cauthorne, first on the first row.

School Children

Third, fourth and fifth grade classes at the Beverly Allen School in 1948-49. The school was built by parents and volunteer labor and served the African American community.

Graduating High School Students

Three 1952 graduating seniors in the last graduating class at Beverly Allen High School.

Pictured left to right: Thomasine Epps, Mary Bowen and Rudolf Thompson.

High School

Students sitting on the front steps of the old West Point High School.

Example of a High School Yearbook Ad

West Point High School Band 1953

West Point High School

Originally, West Point students of all grades shared the building seen in the background of The Old West Point High School built in 1924 and located at the corner of Twelfth and Lee Street. Peggy Sears referenced this in her interview.


Louise Croswell Nuttal

Louise’s senior picture.

WPHS Baseball 1953

The 1945 Yearbook

This is the faculty picture in the West Point High School 1945 yearbook, which was dedicated to Mr. Humphreys, his first years as principal. He served as principal for 21 years, 1944-1966. He retired in 1966 with a total of 37 years in education. Several of the interviewees have fond memories of these teachers.

Pictured 1st row left to right: Mrs. Geyer, Miss Howerton, Mr. Humphreys, and Miss Alvis. 2nd row left to right: Mr. Adams, Miss Branch, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Cluverius, Miss Bishop, and Mr. Briggs.

Homer Humphreys (1902-2000)

Mr. Humphreys served as principal at West Point High School for 21 years. His wife, Ruth, was the school secretary. They raised their family in West Point. Among his hobbies were photography and flying. His family is proud that he was inducted into the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame in 2007, seven years after his death. Students remember flying over West Point with Mr. Humphreys as pilot.

May Day

May Day was a tradition from the 20’s into the 60’s. The student body elected the king and queen and their court. There were many activities done to entertain and honor the king and queen and their court.

May Day Pole Dance, 1947

May Day athletic events were performed by different classes and the May Pole Dance was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. Mabel G. Geyer

Mrs. Mabel Geyer taught 8th grade for a number of years and moved from the elementary to the high school with her class in 1944.

Louise Nuttall and Eddie Bernoski Voted most athletic.

Principal Homer Humphreys

Donnie O'Connor

1953 yearbook senior picture. During his four years in high school he managed the baseball, basketball, and track teams. He was the quarterback on the football team, played in the marching band all four years.

Principal Homer Humphreys

Richard Hosfield, senior picture

Richard Hosfield graduated in 1963 from West Point High School. He attended medical school after graduation and returned to West Point to practice medicine with his father and raise his family in a small town atmosphere.

Principal Homer Humphreys

Donnie O'Connor

Donald O’Connor kneeling second from right on first row.

West Point High School School Song

The West Point High School song has been an inspiration to many students throughout the years.