What Once Was

What Once Was Artifacts

Terminal Hotel, 1887-1926

The Terminal Hotel was a 200 room hotel located at First and Main Streets. It was on the York River at Beach Park and housed resort guests from Richmond, Baltimore and other large cities. Due to a decline in vacationers, the hotel later became a boarding house. It was destroyed by fire of undetermined origin in 1926.*

Terminal Hotel and Beach Park

Part of the hotel’s attraction was Beach Park and the boardwalk beside it. The York River was a great place for a swim during the summer. There was also a swimming pool, skating rink, dance pavilion, merry go round and a roller coaster. The remains of the pool are still at First and Main Street.**

The Terminal Hotel and Beach Park

The Terminal Hotel

Wash Basin Pitcher

An original wash basin pitcher from the Terminal Hotel.

"The Old Community House"

Located at 902 Main Street it was built in the 1920's as the Ridgeway Boarding House and the Royal Hotel. Later it was remodeled and given a brick outside becoming the local community center where dances and gatherings were held in the 1950's and 60's. In the early 1980's the building was taken over as a project of Williamsburg Community Hospital and in 1983 it became the West Point Health Care Center. In 2009 it was acquired by the Episcopal Church and demolished.

Fishing Pier

Willie Lou Waring sitting on the Fishing Pier at the Terminal Hotel Boardwalk.

A Couple on a Boat

Ram Boat

The Jennie D. Bell was the last ram to serve on the Chesapeake Bay.

Aerial view of West Point

Site of the Terminal Hotel. Shows swimming pool outline on the left. Photo taken prior to 1953.


Tokarz Store and Gas Station, 1887-1978

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tokarz ran a gas station and general store in Port Richmond, a settlement of Polish immigrants. The store stocked polish foods and items not common in Virginia. Mr. Tokarz, recruited to the area by Crosby Thompson, was a leader of the Port Richmond community.


Richardson's Oyster House

Commanded the Pamunkey tip of the peninsula. Visible in the background is part of the Beach Park boardwalk. Photo taken about 1910.*Boats took oysters from Starvation Plantation to New York in 7 days.

Charlie the Barber

Charles Clarke is shown on right in photo taken in the 1940’s. He was also know as Charlie the Barber and was a favorite of the West Point community. His business was one of a small number owned by a local African American.*

A Sign for Charlie the Barber

Charlie's Straight Razors

Charlie's Manual Hand Clipper

Shaving Mugs

Charlie the Barber personalized his shaving mugs with his customer's name. The mugs were for his use only.

Former West Point Restaurant

The former West Point Restaurant was located at 14th and Main Streets.

Lord Baltimore Sweet Pickles, The Tidewater Pickle Co.

This jar was used in the pickle factory located in Port Richmond; now the annexed area of West Point. Local farmers raised cucumbers, watermelons, and peppers that were made into pickles at the factory..

Centennial Boat Show

Recreation on one of the three rivers at West Point. Person unknown.

West Point Aerial View

Postcard with an aerial view of West Point and its rivers. On the back of the postcard was printed “West Point is a beautiful waterfront community located between the scenic Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers at the head of the deep-water York River”.