The Paper Mill

The Paper Mill Artifacts

Oxen Pulling Cart

Once the logs had been cut from the stump, strong but slow moving oxen were the method of hauling and handling of saw logs to Chesapeake Corporation.

Log Truck, 1930

Log trucks loaded with pine logs wait their turn to unload at Chesapeake Corporation paper mill.* **

Dibble Bar

A Chesapeake Corporation employee using a Dibble Bar to plant pine trees as part of the reforesting program.

Saw Sharpening

A Chesapeake Corporation employee sharpening a saw.


The Chesapeake Corporation of Virginia, West Point, Virginia, about 1940, showing the method of storing pulpwood in the woodyard. Instead of this laborious stacking of wood, it was later dumped in a pile and handled entirely by machines.

Olsson Family

Elis Olsson (1880-1959)

Sture Olsson (1920-2007)

Elis was founder and chief executive officer of Chesapeake Corporation.

Pictured seated left to right: Signe and Elis Olsson. Standing dressed in their military uniforms are their children, left to right are Carl, Inga, and Sture. Photo taken during WWII at Romancoke, the family home.*

View of Paper Mill

Shown with a stockpile of chips on the left and wood yard on the right. A West German motorship "Kalliope" (center) being loaded with kraft pulp and paper products from the Chesapeake Corporation. (April 1970)

An Exceptionally Large Log

Persons unknown.

Aerial View of the Paper Mill

West Point, 1961.

Log Trucks

Log trucks lined up at the mill entrance waiting to unload.

Aerial View

West Point and surrounding marshlands.

Tour of Chesapeake Corporation

Virginia Governor Albertis S. Harrison Jr (left), Mr. Sture G. Olsson (center) and West Point Mayor Richard (Dick) Johnson (right) on tour of the plant site of the Chesapeake Corporation of Virginia during an open house on October 15, 1964. Mr. Olsson acted as a guide for the Governor during the tour.

Geron Family

Father and four sons were all employed in the woodlands department at the Chesapeake Corporation. The father was a back tender on No. 1 paper machine.

Seated: Adam C. Geron (father). Standing: James H. Geron, George H. Geron, Adam F. Geron and Robert M. Geron.