The Baltimore Boats

The Baltimore Boats Artifacts

"City of Richmond" Last Voyage

The Bland family enjoys the last trip of the City of Richmond, embarking from Yorktown in 1962. Shown left to right are Bill, Gertrude, Beverly, and Ty Bland III. The City of Richmond was a regular arrival to West Point in the early 1900’s, and was one of the last of the great Chesapeake Bay steamers in service until her retirement in 1962..


City of Richmond Steamer

Virginia Vranian and her husband Henry were married on the City of Richmond in 1939. Her parents, years earlier were married on the same steamer.

Sketch of a Sailboat c. 1850

Sailboats were used to transport lumber, produce and people before the coming of the railroad.

Ram Docked at the Oyster House

The Jennie D. Bell was the last ram to serve on the Chesapeake Bay.