Remembering West Point

In 2011, on a beautiful October day in West Point, we had the opportunity to interview seventeen residents that had lived in this small port town most of their lives. The interviews were held in the beautiful home of Emily and Tad Darden which is reflected in the homey small town feel of the videos.

There have been a lot of changes in West Point during the lives of the interviewees. The civil rights movement, the first and second world wars and transportation have changed this town forever. These eyewitness accounts describe the impact of these changes on West Point and America.

It is fascinating to listen to these stories about growing up in West Point. They didn’t sit around and play video games and watch TV. Between church, school and friendships they had a full and active social calendar that made this tightknit community even stronger.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch these interviews. These residents will teach you about West Point and small town living in America as well as make you smile.

Small town life in West Point VA

Small Town Life

What it was like to live in West Point.

Going to school in West Point during the 20s, 30s and 40s

School Days

Going to school in West Point.

Church life and relegion in West Point VA

Church Life

Church was an important part of life.

How social integratioin affected West Point VA in the 1960s


Integration in the 1960s.

How it used to be in West Point VA

What Once Was

How things have changed.

The paper mill in West Point Va

The Paper Mill

The paper mill in West Point.

Baltimore Boats that docked at West Point Va

Baltimore Boats

The Baltimore Boats transported people.

World War II in West Point Virginia

The War Years

World War II impacted West Point in unique ways.